About us

During the early development phase when the evolution began with online Video Viewing and online audiences were enticed with the idea of watching Videos and Images on their PC, laptops using the high speed internet, Glidepath became one of the first companies in New Zealand to align itself with the commercial viability of this new emerging market.

Our company created the first prototype (custom designed and built filming and photographic equipment) in 2007, which was used to capture probably first aerial film footage and still images that was formatted into a high quality presentation, which we broadcasted live over the internet.

When video formats like Flash came about, we started up Gildepath Virtual Tours as a concept with few experimental websites. We used Youtube for some of our very early online video clips. The name Glidepath is adapted from a novel about aviation and radar 'talk-down' equipment, the Ground Controlled Approach, during its experimental trials. "Glidepath" was written by author Arthur C Clark.
Glidepath has relevance to what we had been attempting to achieve with the virtual "Walk-through" style presentation for showcasing fine homes and businesses online with our high quality Video files. At the same time we had been working on improving the initial results from our early dabbling in remote controlled aircraft and the concept of an on-board camera.Development work was carried out in stages. As the digital technology for online video evolved and newer softwares became available the quality of online video presentation improved vastly. The last two years have seen a tremendous growth phase with the concept based on "Web Clip" digitalmedia advertising.

Today, there appears to be no boundary with the potential markets that have opened up with the fast changing environment of the digital media space and the available online advertising platforms especially now with the latest trend with mobile technology using the smartphone and other mobile devices. Mobile is another word closely associated with modern day communication medium.

Yes, our website and online videos are formatted to conveniently play on most mobile devices that are in use today bringing Glidepath films right to your fingertips! (Format has been enhanced for 3G & 4G network to give you a better viewing experience overall).