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Aerial Photography, Northland.

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Glidepath Films also have a new (non-drone) camera platform that can shoot ultra-high quality video / images from 0 to 12 feet above ground in complete safety. This new platform allows a larger range of dynamic camera movements (video effects) while filming in the field.

Years on; since we developed the first battery powered flying camera here in NZ, aerial photography services have sprung up all over the country. Although these photographers are now 10 cents a dozen, Glidepath Films still have a drone that we use from time to time, while making movies at a professional level.

Funnily enough, while Auckland based aerial photographers prove willing to drive all the way to the Bay of Islands, offering very cheap services, Glidepath Films are regularly invited down to Auckland and as far south as Wellington in order to shoot video and photo's with the emphasis on ground based videography and photography. The Glidepath husband and wife team, with compact and highly advanced multi cam capabilities (operating upto 3 cameras at one time) have a very long background in videography and photography, making us a popular choice for affordable boutique video productions and photography packages.
Yes we can make your video fly without even unpacking our drone.

Glidepaths remote pilot, James Fisher (a member of the Northern Helicopter Modellers Club) holds his MFNZ wings and is qualified to remote pilot the Glidepath ETAC (flying camera).

Video / images for Web, Mobile, App and HDTV. Our aerial video is suprisingly usable for Broadcast and Cinema.

Some history.

Probably the first in New Zealand to successfully shoot video from a light weight battery powered multicopter, Glidepath films continued to further develop the flying camera for practical use with in the city. Originally developed as a gimmick to catch the eye in some of our movies, we now offer this service free of charge during the photo / video shoot... conditions allowing of course.

The Glidepath aerial camera has the safety features of soft plastic props that snap off on contact. The entire rig is a fraction under 2 kg. Glidepath agree with other experts in the feild of RC aircraft that 2.00 kg is the absolute maximum allowable weight for flight within town/city limits.

New CAA regulations have outlawed the use of drones over property and around the public with-out their consent. Glidepath Films are capable of producing high quality elevated Dynamic video with-out the use of a drone. Any drone capable of shooting commercial quality video can be leathal if they fall. This is not yet common knowlage.

The real details in images and video are of course, near ground level. Most good quality aerial footage is recorded at low level due to the fixed focus wide angel lenses, employed on the smaller light weight cameras.

Glidepath Aerial photography began as a hobby, long before the advent of the photo drone. With the birth of the first battery powered tri and quadcopters, Glidepath experimented with aerial photography from a light weight remote controlled aircraft that we built ourselves.

In early dabbling, we successfully shot still photography from the early digital 2008 Gopro hero 5 camera. The still photography was easy enough, but shooting video was diabolical. Vibrations from the motors would cause waves now referred to as jello to roll through the video, the worse the vibrations, the more jello, a common problem with the newer CMOS camera sensors.

It became necessary to modify certain components after purchase. There were no multicopters or components available in New Zealand at that time, and the average wait on imported parts was 2 weeks. It took 12 months of experimenting to make it work.

Originally, remote control aerial cameras were developed and built by experienced photographers communicating via online forums and blogs. These days software controlled camera drones are cheap and available in shops ready to fly. A child can pick one up and fly it.

Aerial Photography Northland.