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Glidepath Commercial Videos and Photography.

Photographers James and Svetlana of Glidepath films are leading the way in Dynamic Video by bringing a fully mobile movie set; in the way of film gear, to you, at a similar cost of a single camera and operator. Geared up with tripod mounted, un-mounted and flying cameras, Glidepath are capable of producing multi cam edits of the most creative movie footage for your promotional video and website.

Glidepath films, a husband and wife team; are more than videography; our background in still photography allows us to capture your event or business to any static image format you may require.

From a single image, to full length video, we bring the best quality and affordability.

Video supplied is High bitrate, 50 frames per second and ready for TV, also low bitrate versions ready for computer, android and web. DCP movie files suitable for cinema can also be made available.

Glidepath Films specialise in creating photographic and video content to promote your business, brand, product or service. We provide the finest quality Video to “make an impression.” Statistics indicate more and more businesses are using Online Video or promotional videos to communicate with their customers. Web content presented in high quality Video and Audio format is receiving a much higher response from the audience than static images and text on webpages.

Why Video?

Northland PhotographersFaces and body language easily draws attention.
Northland VideographersUse of voice and music “brings it to life.”
Northland videoIt has an effect on our emotions.
Photography NorthlandMovement grabs the attention.

Many consumers are now accessing web content from mobile devices such as Iphone, Ipad, tablet and other range of smartphones. Watching Video's and sharing the experience with others has become a common trend for many internet users. The popularity of Video file sharing sites like YouTube, now the world’s second largest search engine on the internet has drawn many businesses to use Video for connecting with customers.

Professional Photography

Compelling Images for websites, magazines, portraits, promotional videos, social media, business portfolio, events and functions.

Glidepath Films is the “one stop shop” for all your professional photography needs. Our imagery range includes soft portraits to our Super D images, giving an almost three dimensional appearance to a rich image. These images look absolutely superb when compressed for the web or on high resolution print. To view our Super D images click here.

Our free aerial photography will lend an overview to our video content where such a view is beneficial.

Our promotional video services are presently available in Northland; the wider Auckland and wellington areas.


Promotional videography and photography Northland.