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Videography Northland, Bay of Islands, Kerikeri, Whangarei.
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Advantages of the Glidepath video and photography team.

The Glidepath videography team lead the way with their advanced, portable movie equipment, at a similar cost of a single camera and operator. Geared up with tripod mounted, un-mounted mobile cameras, we are capable of producing the most dynamic and creative movie footage possible.

With the addition of our still photography capabilities, our combination of video and still photography makes perfect sense, offering great value, almost two for the price of one, anywhere in Northland or New Zealand for that matter. The fact that we can operate 3 cameras between the two of us producing multi cam edits or simultaneously capturing video from two cameras while shooting stills from a third camera.

The Glidepath videography and photography packages are a very cost effective means to display eye catching media for your website or a high resolution TV screen.

Video supplied is high bitrate, 50 frames per second formatted for wide screen TV, also low bitrate versions ready for computer and android devices. Images are supplied edited for print with copies edited for TV, computer / android.

Save big time with the Glidepath Films boutique video photography service.

Videography Northland